Biqutex Exchange Announcement: Preview, Key features

Biqutex Exchange Announcement: Preview, Key features

Biqutex is a modern crypto derivatives platform for trading the full range of instruments and executing complex strategies. Unlike other competitors, our strategy is to provide the opportunity to trade the entire range of financial instruments in a single interface. Modern financial trading strategies, especially those driven by algorithms, require the trader to combine different kinds of futures and options to achieve the desired risk profile or return structure. Also, in the conditions of the modern crypto market, there is a need to trade more complex instruments – index futures and options, which are based on synthetic indicators of the entire market or its segment.

Wide range of instruments

We do not limit the trader in his strategies, providing not just new contracts (new coins/tokens), but immediately building the entire line of related contracts, so that from the first day or week it is possible to manage your position and build any available trading strategies.

By class of instruments, it is proposed to trade:

  • Futures: 1W, 2W, 3W, 1M, 3M and 6M
  • Perpetual swaps (including stablecoins perpetuals)
  • Options (European type, settled) for terms linked to the same grid with futures: 1D, 3D, 1W, 2W, 3W, 1M, 3M, 6M, 12M
  • Interest rate futures and options
  • NFT Floor price Perpetuals
  • Index Futures. Composite indices, industry indices, portfolio indices of well-known crypto funds, etc.

Settlements in USD

The second key point is to make it easier for users to work with currencies, deposits and withdrawals. All contracts are quoted in USD rounded to the nearest integer, which psychologically makes it easier to manage prices and plan trading operations. You can fund your trading account with any USD-pegged stablecoin – from USDT issued on any blockchain: DAI, TerraUSD, FeiUSD and any other market instruments. You won’t worry about frantically calculating the exchange rate – we accept any USD stablecoin, and the exact same amount will be instantly credited to your account without any commissions

Transparent and fair liquidation mechanism

We oppose the unfair practice of completely liquidating traders’ positions and transferring the balance to an insurance fund. The risk management system at Biqutex uses a multi-stage partial liquidation mechanism, reducing positions progressively until margin requirements are met. This will allow you to avoid complete bankruptcy and loss of funds

Funding every minute

Funding settlements on perpetual swaps are carried out every minute, unlike most competitors, which have a period of 1/8 hour. Prices on our site are actually pegged to the spot market

Calculation of real interest rates

We take into account real interest rates when calculating the funding rate based on data from staking providers index